Our Mission
“Reborning the Ryokan inn Creatively”

Reborning the Ryokan inn

Our goal is to renovate old Ryokan inn into a new accommodation in a way not ever before. We are challenging to change the old Japanese style inn into modern style foreign tourist favorite hotel. It will lead to renovate not only the inn itself, but also the whole town itself too. We hope that more inbound tourists can visit Japanese provincial towns and explore the deep inside of Japan and Japanese culture. “Reborning Japanese Ryokan inn creatively” This is our mission.

KONA STAY's motto

Company Profile

Company Name
Kona Resort Inc.
Nov. 17th, 2017
Ryutaro Ohdake
1-12 Takashima-cho Numazu, Shizuoka JAPAN
Business Contents
Planning and Operating of Hotels & Ryokans
Consulting of Hotels & Ryokans Restoration
Rental Cycle and Cycle Tour
Planning, Designing, Consulting of City Development and Tourism Development

Wanted!! New Hotel Staff!

It is the eBike Hotel. Open on Mar. 25. 2019, in Izunokuni. It is a facility that provides a new travel experience combining bicycle and accommodation.
If you are interested in ‘travel’ or ‘cycling’, let ‘s build a new hotel together.

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