Cycle Tour

We are developing new courses and cycle tours that you will be satisfied not only with cycling but also sceneries, foods, and activities.

Booking Cycle Tour

Cycle Tour

Recommended rent-a-bicycle tour around Izu



Speaking of Shuzenji, Shuzenji is a famous temple. In Shuzenji, the propagating Buddhism Great Teacher is a power spot with the legends with the initiators.

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In Numazu to fishing

In Numazu to fishing

A lot of famous places of the fishing including Numazu Port and the Shizuura fishing port are in Numazu. I pile up air conditioner boxes on the carrier of the bicycle, and it is recommended to go for fishing by way of cycling.

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Nishi-Izu Skyline

Nishi-Izu Skyline

I include the superb view course that can look around Gulf of Mount Fuji, Southern Alps, Suruga, Omaezaki。

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Tour for Numadu

Tour for Numadu

It is the tour that the sea ashore of 1,000 beaches only in Numazu of the seaside city can enjoy.

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Kona Stay’s Cycle Trip is a Bit Different


The Best Ride with the best eBike

Miyata “Cruise”
It is a sports bike with Shimano made electric assist, with 9 stages of gear, so you can drive easily on the uphill slope. It is also possible to travel a distance of up to 100 km or more, especially for enjoying the Izu area with many hills on a bicycle.

Tour Cast

Tour Cast will Help the Travel on a Bicycle

When cycling around for the first time, you might be bothered about the route to the destination and tourist information. The so-called “tour casts” of Kona Stay who have connection with the local areas and has long experience of bicycle offer various kinds of tours according to the purpose. Please consult to the tour casts for enjoying new trips.

Service to support the comfortable trip by bicycle

1.Cycle Storage ServiceMy Bike Ready at Any Time

Cycle Storage is a service that you can deposit your bicycle at the Kona Base for a month or longer. You can stop by the Kona Stay Izu-Nagaoka and pick up your bicycle very easily. Please enjoy the casual bicycle life that you can ride when you think.

2.Bicycle courier serviceComfortable trip that baggage is right

Please have your bicycle packed well at the customer’s responsibility in the wheel box and bring it to the front desk. (Packing size is less than 3 side 280 cm, within 30 kg.)A new wheel box is prepared at the front desk (2700 yen).Only bags with cushions can be used according to the regulations of the shipping company.
We will arrange delivery to your home or to the next accommodation your baggage as well according to your request. (A separate fare is required)

3.Cycle PitIt Is a Space Dedicated to Guests

We are preparing a cycle pit exclusively for customers that can be used for self-service for bicycle maintenance and cleaning.

4.Cycle Cleaning ServiceCleaned Bicycle for Your Comfortable Ride

We clean your bicycle cleanly with a special chemical. We will provide various cleaning services according to your request.

5.Cycle TrailerIf You See It Waving Your Hand

We have developed a special transport trailer for bicycles. We can support up to 8 people’s tour in and out of Izu area.

Rental Cycle

We can rent you the newest eBike and road bike without staying on Kona Stay.

Rental Hour:8:00 am ~ 8:00 pm

【Tax and rental helmet included 】

Applicable age Junior high school students or above (height 150 cm or more)
Elementary school students or customers under 150 cm should contact us.

eBike Up to 4 hours 1 day 2days additional/day additional/hour
Hotel guest ¥1,800 ¥2,500 ¥4,300 ¥2,000 ¥550
General customer ¥3,600 ¥5,000 ¥8,600 ¥4,000 ¥1,100
Hotel guest
Up to 4 hours¥1,800
1 day¥2,500
General customer
Up to 4 hours¥3,600
1 day¥5,000
Cross Bike Up to 4 hours 1 day 2days additional/day additional/hour
Hotel guest ¥1,400 ¥2,000 ¥3,500 ¥1,500 ¥400
General customer ¥2,800 ¥4,000 ¥7,000 ¥3,000 ¥800
Cross Bike
Hotel guest
Up to 4 hours¥1,400
1 day¥2,000
General customer
Up to 4 hours¥2,800
1 day¥4,000
rental bicycle

How to book and how to rent


  • Book from the link button below.

Rental Cycle Booking

Booking by Phone (055)948-0055

②Receive bikes

  • Come to the shop 30 min before your start. Check in and show your ID (Passport).
  • Pay the fee after your registration.


  • The staff will explain how to ride a bicycle, insurance, how to respond when trouble, etc.
  • The staff will adjust the bicycle seat according to the customer.(Please be sure to visit us by yourself.)
  • Please observe the traffic law, and bicycle manner.

④Returning bikes

  • Please pay if extension fee have occurred.

About cancellation

  • Cancellation must be made to the store by 20:00 the previous day.
  • If one hour has passed from the reservation time without contact, we will cancel it.
  • The cancellation fee for the day will be charged 100% of the rental fee.
  • Cancellation due to bad weather, cancel charge does not occur.

For Beginners


Even without cycle wear, you can enjoy enough with sportswear etc. Points are “windproof” and “ankle”. Especially from autumn to spring please wear wind-breakable materials such as wind breakers.Since it is unlikely to get involved in the chain, we recommend wearing thin hem pants.In the winter, please wear heat-tight tights, etc. Please keep it warm.Branches beside the road may hit the face, so it is also necessary to protect your eyes with sunglasses.
Be sure to have athletic shoes ready. You can not use it in pumps, heels, boots, etc.

Course Advice

The tour cast will advise you about course information and how to enjoy this area. Even cycle beginners can ride up to about 50 km if they use eBikes.

Support for Failures

Will Respond Firmly Even When Puncture or Breakdown.
In the unlikely event of a puncture or vehicle failure, our staff will bring a substitute bicycle by a support car.

Vending Machine of Bicycle Parts

From Repair Item to Convenience Goods. We have installed a vending machine of bicycle consume parts corroborated by bicycle specialty stores at the hotel lobby.


What are the characteristics of eBike?

eBike is a state-of-the-art sports bike with electric assist motor attached. Even women and senior citizens can easily climb up the slope, so cycling can be enjoyed happily even on the road of Izu with many ups and downs. At Kona Stay we prepare various types of eBike and we propose a course suitable for the purpose.

Do you sell bicycle maintenance and parts etc?

Cleaning service using high-quality chemicals and easy repair parts are available in a space specialized for bicycles called “Kona Base”. In the cycle pit beside the entrance of the hotel, we prepare tools and air vents, so you can use them for maintaining your bike.

What is the cycle tour like?

Various courses tailored to customers needs, such as 2-hours river side beginner course, to hill-climb scenery course, and to history oriented course, etc. are available.

Are there services such as bicycle courier?

Yes. We accept home delivery service such as bicycles and big luggage. Both of sending to Kona Stay and sending from Kona Stay are supported.
When sending luggage, please send it to “Kona Stay Izu-Nagaoka” 307 Kona Izunokuni city, Shizuoka pref. 〒410-2201. Please be sure to write the scheduled check-in date and the name of the person staying.

Can I bring my bicycle into my room?

Yes. We are preparing a location for bicycles in the room. Before entering, please clean the bicyle body and tires dirty before bringing in.