Privacy Policy

Kona Resort Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) handles customer information disclosed in our company use in compliance with laws and other norms concerning personal information protection.

When you provide personal information

  • When purchasing our products and services
  • When you contact us
  • When you use our service

Purpose of using personal information

  • To check inquiries and the contents you ordered
  • To guide our service

Our company will safely manage personal information we keep, and our company will do our utmost to prevent loss, falsification, unauthorized access, leakage etc. according to our compliance program.

Our company will not provide any personal information you have deposited to a third party unless you accept our company’s consent. However, we may provide customer information to third parties regarding the following usage items.

  • When the agreement of the customer has been obtained after identifying the providing destination and contents of provision
  • When using the service, to guide our company service when using settlement service (credit etc.)
  • In the case where it is necessary to disclose under the law, there is no reasonable reason to refuse to offer and it is difficult to obtain consent from customers

When collecting, using and providing personal information, our comapny clearly indicate the purpose to the customer, and we will not use / provide the collected personal information outside purpose.

Our company will promptly respond to personal information collected when we are asked to disclose, correct and delete the information after confirming that it is the person.