Rent-a-bicycle and Bicycle tour reservation form

The inquiry, please click a transmission button after entry in the following forms a reservation of the rent-a-bicycle and a reservation of the cycle tour.
I inform it of content than our staff after a confirmation bottom.

An attached item of “*” is a required input item

The staying situation of the visitor The staying situation of the visitorUndecidedOnly as for the rent-a-bicycle, the tour
The room reservation finished, please choose a room reservation day
Sublect* Reservation of the rent-a-bicycleInquiry about the rent-a-bicycleReservation of the tour
Cycle model you like eBike with an electric assistant playernumberCross bikenumberFor kidsnumber
HeightWhen you are more than six people, please fill out the following Others column×Cycle model×Cycle model×Cycle model×Cycle model×Cycle model
Use time of the rent-a-bicycle 4hourAll day2 days and 1 nightUndecided
The departure time MorningAfternoonUndecided
Others or The person of the tour hope, please fill in hope contents