Private Room

We renovated Japanese style room into a cozy and more privacy oriented room. We selected very carefully the best furniture that you can stay comfortably.

Guest Room

1-4 Persons
Room Size
Bed Size
Width 125cm, Length 200cm



Standard with Shower Booth


Standard Wide with Shower Booth


Guest Room

Independent Cottage

2-6 Persons
Room Size

This room’s bedding is Japanese Futon style

Independent Cottage


In-room Facilities (Private Room)

Air Conditioner, Serta Brand Bed, Duvet, Cushion, Sofa, Table, TV, Toilet with Hot Shower, Refrigerator, Pot, Coffee set, Bicycle stand, Safe, Multifunction Smartphone (internet connection, extension telephone)

In-room Amenities (Private Room)

Toothbrush, Towel, Comb, Cotton Swab, Razor, Hand Soap, Nightwear
(With Shower Booth: Shampoo, Rinse, Body Soap)


The dormitory type have 12 beds in each room. Ideal for the single and economical stay. Because it is bunk bed with walls covered in three directions, you can have relatively private space. The dormitory is three types as male only, female only, and male/female mix.

Cabin Size
Width 100cm, Length 205cm, Height 90cm

※The Bed is a bunk bed



Dormitory for women



House Rules

Usage limit
Children under elementary school age can not use single in dormitory.
All rooms are non-smoking (smoking space installed in the lobby side courtyard ).
Accommodation with pets is not permitted.
There is no elevator to the 2nd floor. A barrier-free toilet is available on the first floor.
Extra bed
An extra bed can be added in each Standard room.
For use by more than 4 people, we offer a futon set.
Extra beds in dormitory can not be used.
Rental item
Iron, Iceon, Water pillow, Blanket, Can opener, Bottle opener, Wine opener, Wine glass, Desk lamp stand, Bicycle stand, Sewing set, Various pillows, Nail clipper, Thermometer
Breakfast service
7 am – 9:45 am (entrance)
in the 2nd floor Common Dining
Western style buffet (free)
Other service
Massage, luggage storage service, fax & copy service, courier service reception
10 cars capacity
(First come first serverd)

Facilities & Services

Hot Spring

Hot Spring

Fatigue Restoration and
Beautiful Skin Effect

The Kona hot spring is an alkaline simple spring that is colorless and odorless. It is effective for muscle fatigue after cycling, and smooth your skin. By the way the etymology of place name “Kona” is said to be hot water of Ainu language.



Energize Your Day
with Breakfast

The breakfast served at the Common Dining is a Western-style buffet by baked breads, vegetable salad and soups such as original clam chowder. Offered from 7 am to 10 am.

Kona's Bar & Open Counter

Kona’s Bar & Open Counter

A Breath Here at
the End of the Day

Set up vending machines that sell local craft beer and snacks in the hotel lobby. There are 12 easy-to-use counter seats next to the front desk, you can use it as a bar counter, a business desk, and versatile. We are also preparing local special menu by orders.

BBQ Terrace

BBQ Terrace

Space You can be Healed
by Bonfire

On the terrace beside the lobby, we set up a bonfire table that can have a barbecue.

Common Dining & Shared Kitchen

Common Dining &
Shared Kitchen

Shared Space

It is the space you can use freely except the breakfast time. Because you can use a shared kitchen and a refrigerator, it is very convenient for socializing among long-term guests.

Training Space

Training Space

Maintenance for the Body
Towards Tomorrow

Kona’s Fitness offers simple and basic training tools and bicycle training software ZWIFT.

Coin Laundry

For the Guests to
Stay Long or with Children

It can be used in self-style. To customers who participated in sports and events, customers who want to lighten baggage as much as possible, to customers with children.


Is Kona Stay typical Ryokan inn or Western style hotel?

Kona Stay has completely refurbished the building which was originally a ryokn inn. Guest room has tatami floor, Japanese atmosphere remaining, but facilities of hotel specification such as bed and sofa are in place. We do not have Ryokan-specific customer service such as Nakai.

What is the meal service?

Only breakfast is offered at Kona Stay. We will introduce nearby eateries at dinner time. Although we need a reservation, you can also book kaiseki cuisine at neighboring Ryokan inn. Please contact us first.

Please tell me about breakfast in detail.

We offer continental breakfast from 7 am to 9:45 am. Freshly baked bread, fresh vegetable salad, original clam chowder etc are offered.

Do you have a shared kitchen?

Yes. We have a shared kitchen that guests can use freely from 11 am to midnight in the common dining on the second floor. If you are shopping at neighboring supermarkets and preparing meals by yourself it is also possible to spend your budget to other activities accordingly. Refrigerators and kitchen supplies are available for rent. Also, on the first floor BBQ terrace, you can enjoy a barbecue as there is a special grill.

Are there Wi-Fi service?

Yes. Because the whole building is Wi-Fi compatible, high-speed internet can be used anywhere. Please confirm the password at the front desk.

Can I use Kona Stay for business conference and training camp?

Yes, of course it is greatly appreciated. If you are a student’s camp, you can stay at a very reasonable price with a dormitory. In addition, if you are a social worker, you can use a private room for 2 to 3 people, and you can also hold a meeting, a workshop etc at the common dining.

Can I charter a hot spring?

No. There is no hot spring on charter.

Is there a bar and lounge?

There is no general bar, but there is a vending machine bar called Kona’s Bar. Local craft beer, local sake, wine etc. are prepared. Please enjoy a cup in the lounge next to the lobby while having a meeting with the staffs about tomorrow’s cycle tour.